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Significance of the Watergate Scandal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Significance of the Watergate Scandal - Essay Example When it was later found out that the people were under the president’s payroll, the case led to his indictment. This was after running for re-election, in 1972, and winning. This paper will review the significance of this event, and some of the changes that followed in the U.S. policies after this event. It is true that this event shaped the country’s law after it erupted. Those involved were either directly or indirectly in the committee that was campaigning to re-elect the president. After all these events and the eventual resignation of the president, some changes in the laws were evident (Henretta and Jonathon 2009, 859). One of the changes that became clear to the people was the fact, â€Å"politicians could no longer be trusted.† This is what led to the election of a rather unknown party to be president. This was in the year 1977, when Jimmy Carter became president of the United States. The scandal gave the American people disillusionment about their govern ment. â€Å"It was during this period that people started having different thoughts about the war in Vietnam.† The president’s powers had to be curtailed due to the above reasons. They were curtailed in the sense that, the president had limited powers, especially when it came to matters concerning the state’s money, the deployment of troops to war, and the freedom to information. The National Congress was responsible for this move which was largely appreciated by the people in the United States. â€Å"The War Powers Act, reining on the president’s powers to deploy U.S. forces without congressional approval.† During this move, there was evidence that proved one thing; no one is above the law, not even the president. During the curtailing of the president’s powers, the freedom of the press got a new meaning (Henretta and Jonathon 2009, 860). All this was in the first amendment, in the constitution. If it is true, then, â€Å"it is the pressâ €™s responsibility to print it regardless of the position or power of those involved.† In another area, the Freedom of the Information Act became stronger. This meant, â€Å"People could now get access to government documents that are accessible to the public.† If the people of the state feel like they need to get information about some of the government’s activities, then it is possible to get documents with information (Henretta and Jonathon 2009, 860). These documents can let them know about what the government is about to do. If they happen to, â€Å"agree or disagree with any of their activities, it is their fundamental right to do so.† To date, government related documents are located online (Biagi 2011, 97). The internet can allow anyone, and everyone in the world to access government related documents. This is in order to find out what the powerful nation is doing, and if it is legal under the constitution. Through this event, the constitutionà ¢â‚¬â„¢s and people’s belief in the system was affirmed. â€Å"The belief of equality and justice became a reality to many.† It became evident even to the highest office in the land, that is, the president’s office. The people in the scandal got to understand the full extent of the law. It was while in office that the president operated on a level one would consider full of arrogance (Henretta and Jonathon 2009, 860). However, as the law demanded that they pay the price for their actions, they could no longer ignore the fact, â€Å"they were not above the law.†

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